Welcome to the official website of Artist & Photographer, Scott W. Gutke.

Scott was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1972. When he was seven, his family moved to his Mother’s hometown (Blanding) in rural San Juan County, South Eastern Utah. His teenage years were spent exploring canyons, playing sports, hauling hay, moving pipes, riding horses, hiking and anything else that took him out into nature to enjoy God’s creations.

Scott loves to document life as he sees it. Scott takes photos and creates fine art that he hopes will capture your imagination, speak to your heart, and create love and respect for all the good things left in the world! Scott Gutke’s art covers a variety of genres, activities, cultures, people, and lifestyles; however, his absolute favorite thing to document is the American West. Scott loves rodeos, Native American pow wows, western landscapes, national monuments, state parks, and farm & ranch life. Scott also has an affinity for Amish living, wildlife, old buildings, historical cities, history itself, and small American towns.

In addition to documenting the American West, Scott has produced several short films, television & internet commercials and national advertising campaigns.  Scott hopes that many of his images (photography and fine art) will find a way into your heart and hopefully onto your coffee table, family room, or office wall.

“If my art does nothing more than create an emotion within my viewers to love life a little more, spend a little more time with their family, enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds them, appreciate people and cultures, or create a love within them for God and his creations, then my efforts are worth it! “ 

To inquire about licensing or purchasing an image, or to discuss future media productions with Scott,  you can contact him HERE.

Enjoy the site, come back often, and share Scott Gutke’s website and art with your friends.