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I consider myself to specialize¬†in preserving some of the last strongholds of iconic American culture such as: The American Cowboy, Native American, Farmer, Rancher, Small-Towns, Wilderness Areas, Anasazi, and Western Wildlife. Ultimately, my¬†purpose for photographing and producing images is to preserve America’s proud Western Heritage; to remind us how wild the country used to be, and the types of people who struggled to live on the land, yet did their best to care for it because they depended on it for food, protection, and their very lives. It was these rugged, strong and adventurous individuals who forged the way for America as we now know it today. I want to document as much of it as I can so it will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

By sharing my images through a number of media types, I hope to help educate the public about their amazing surroundings. I hope to enlighten others about Native American communities, farming communities, religious groups, ranchers, and many other disappearing cultures. Furthermore, I hope to help educate others regarding a continual need for law makers, elected by us, we the people, to take care of those hard working Americans whose rugged, inspiring and oftentimes, difficult lifestyle have contributed to our own comfortable happiness today.

Also, I hope you a few of you see my images you will be inspired to start to document the things that surround you and that you deem are important, and to begin to educate the public through your images, and talents. May we continue to hang on to iconic America: our farmers, ranchers, and small town community leaders who care about their personal and cultural heritage, who believe in God, and who teach others to respect and preserve the lifestyle, the land, and way of life of those who came before them.